CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation)

California Junior Scholarship (CJSF) Applications are now available for all current 7th and 8th grade students. Please click here or drop by the counseling office to get a paper copy. All applications are due no later than, Friday, April 27th, 3:00pm.

California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) is a state-wide organization of over 6,500 chapters.  It fosters high standards of scholarship and citizenship on the part of students of California’s public and private junior high and middle schools.  Seventh and 8th grade students are eligible to participate.
To qualify for CJSF membership each semester, students must:

  • Earn “Excellent” or “Good” Citizenship and Work Habits grades.
  • Earn good academic grades.  Eligibility is based on a point system.  If a student has five academic classes, then s/he must earn a minimum of 10 points.  If a student has six academic classes, then s/he must earn a minimum of 12 points.  Points are granted as follows:
    • A = 3 points
    • B = 1 point
    • C = 0 points
    • D, F, or “U” automatically disqualifies a student.
    • Academic classes include:  math, English, history, science, music, Spanish, art, and AVID
    • PE and Exploratory Rotation classes may not be used for points.

Semester membership is based on work done in the previous semester.  This means that we will look at first semester grades for the previous year.  Membership is not automatic, nor is it compulsory.  Students must apply during the application period EACH semester for membership.  CJSF dues are $5 cash.  See your grade level counselor if you need monetary assistance.

Applications can be found in the counseling office.  Applications are due Friday, April 27th!  Please contact Aimee Stauffer (astauffer@smmusd.org) and Jennifer Preuss (jpreuss@smmusd.org) with any questions.

All Applications Are Due April 27, 2018