The physical education curriculum is designed to provide an environment that challenges all students to work to their potential. Students need the opportunity to learn skills without intimidation and to experience the joy and exhilaration of physical activity. This philosophy drives our program and it is the hope that all students learn to enjoy movement, become fit, and value positive living. The following is a list of activities students will be exposed to while attending Lincoln Middle School.

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

Focus on psycho-motor development and interpersonal skills

Focus on individual sports & meeting challenges & making decisions

Focus on team sports & working
as a team to solve problems.

Project adventure
Circus Tricks
Toss, Catch, Throw
Jump Rope
Running and Tag Games
Fitness Training
Spin and Rebound
Gladiator/Medieval Games
Innovative Track and Field
Project Adventure
Paddle Tennis
Fitness Lab
Fitness Gram
Ultimate Frisbee
Team Handball
Fitness Training
Project Adventure
Bleach Ball

Success for All Students
Our program’s focus on the whole person is achieved by focusing on three areas that are equally important.

  1. Movement Skills and Movement Knowledge
  2. Self-Image and Personal Development
  3. Social Development

Lock and Locker Policy
All students will be issued a P.E. locker for the entire school year. Students are responsible for damaged lockers. Girls must bring their own combination Master lock, since their locker room facility does not provide built-in locks. Boys are provided a built-in lock in their locker. Secure your locker before you leave the locker room. The Physical Education Department assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen items.

Excuses and Dressing Policy
If students are able to attend school, they are required to dress for their Physical Education class. If it is necessary to be excused from class activity, a note written by a parent or physician must be presented to the instructor prior to roll call that day. If a student becomes ill or injured during the school day, he/she must obtain a temporary note from the nurse. A parent note must be presented the following day. A student excused for more than 5 school days by a parent’s note will be required to obtain a doctor’s excuse and clear it with the nurse’s office before class on the sixth excused day. Students excused more than a week may be assigned an alternate program or written assignment. Extended injuries or illnesses of three weeks or more may require alternative scheduling.

Sports and Fitness Portfolio
Written assignments are an integrated part of Lincoln’s Physical Education curriculum. Written assignments include record keeping, quizzes, tests, and materials provided by the teacher. The Fitness Portfolio, maintained throughout the year, keeps record of fitness assessments in the mile run. Students are required to maintain a 1” 3-ring folder and a clipboard.

Uniform Policy
For your child’s safety and health we require all students to purchase and wear a Lincoln PE uniform and proper athletic shoes. The uniform consists of:

  • Clean Lincoln logo shorts
  • Clean Lincoln logo T-shirt. No shirts are to be worn under the Lincoln T-shirt
  • Clean black sweatshirt and/or sweatpants (optional).
  • Non-marking, rubber soled, close-toed athletic soles designed for court sports and games.
  • Socks
  • Oversized or “sagging” shorts are not allowed.

Student’s last name must be printed clearly on all items of PE clothing, last name first and first initial. No other markings are allowed on PE clothing. Clean black sweatshirt and/or pants may be worn over the Lincoln PE uniform and the sweatshirt/pants may not have an advertising logo, zippers, pockets or buttons.

Students are expected to come prepared for class. Failure to dress in appropriate physical education attire will result in parent contact, and disciplinary action. Repeated failure to dress will result in Saturday School.