Lincoln Middle School


As a community of learners, the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District works together in a nurturing environment to help students be resourceful, life-long learners; effective, multi-lingual communicators and global citizens.  We are a richly varied community that is a community of learners. The Santa Monica-Malibu School District works together in a nurturing environment to help students be visionary, versatile learners and values the contributions of all its members.  We exist to assist all students in their pursuit of academic achievement and personal health and to support them in their exploration of intellectual, artistic, technological, physical and social expression.

All SMMUSD students will graduate as:

  1. VISIONARY, VERSATILE LEARNERS, who recognize and solve complex problems through reflection, informed risk-taking, critical evaluation and artistic exploration.
  2. THINKERS with working knowledge and appreciation of academics, aesthetics, personal  wellness, and self as well as an understanding of  the  needs of others.
  3. GLOBAL CITIZENS who value their richly varied world and act to sustain the natural environment by participating in democratic processes through ethical, informed decision-making.
  4. LIFE-LONG LEARNERS who, individually and in collaboration with others, are intrinsically motivated to pursue their personal bests and attain meaningful, productive lives.
  5. EFFECTIVE, MULTILINGUAL COMMUNICATORS who use verbal, written, mathematical, artistic and technological languages to give, receive, value and process information.